Select Students Competition

  • COMPETITION DATE: April 29, 2023. First Lutheran Church. 232 Bristol St. Southington, CT
  • WINNER’S RECITAL: May 13, 2023
  • Registration Due: March 31, 2023
  • Piano Only

Select Students Competition fills a unique place in our roster of student events.  If you have a hard-working, competition minded student this might be the event for that child.  Originally the Audrey Thayer Competition had both an Honors and Non-honors Division.  Non-honors participants could be adjudicated and enjoy the festival atmosphere of this competition without the rigorous demands of the Honors Division.  Select Students Competition was created to continue that opportunity.  Students need only prepare one piece for the competition, not two or three as Audrey Thayer demands.  Instead of placement results as in a traditional competition, students are awarded the honor of playing in the Winners’ Recital. The judges  select all deserving candidates.  
ELIGIBILITY. a. Entrants must have studied with their teacher for at least 6 months prior to the competition. b. The teacher must be a member of the Hartford Chapter CSMTA; all dues paid by Oct. 1, 2022 c. Students must be in Grades 2-12 .d. There is a limit of 10 students for each teacher. e. Time limits are up to 5 minutes for grades 2 to 6, and up to 10 minutes for grades 7 to 12. Longer pieces will be allowed, although they may have to be cut off at the audition. If accepted by the judges the student will perform the piece in its entirety at the recital. Shorter pieces of the same set by the same composer may be combined if they fit the time requirements. The judges reserve the right to eliminate any movements or numbers from the recital. Students who participate in Solo Divisions of Spring Festival or Audrey Thayer Piano Competition are NOT eligible to enter this event.

In addition to the registration form and fees, students are also required to submit proof of their school grade.  This proof could be a letter from the school teacher or office, a copy of their report card, or some other form of dated document that includes the child’s name and grade.

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